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The sales professional who's using Rob Collier Coaching to buy his dream car, earn a promotion, and generate record-high sales months ($40k closed with $16k savings)

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The Light Bulb Moment

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Izak Yaldo is a self-driven business professional and family man who is on a mission to create a legacy to pass down to his children for generations to come.

Izak was working toward achieving multiple, big goals — but he found himself starting and stopping without any real results to show for it.

No matter what he tried, it just didn’t seem to work. He would take small steps but he didn’t have a game plan, so he would start and never finish and that just kept happening.

This made him feel like he was moving slow and those things that should have been within his control felt like they were now out of his control.

As a result, he knew he wasn’t building the momentum to pursue his mission in the way that he was fully capable of.

Izak knew he needed a real outside approach, but he wasn’t fully-committed to the system in the beginning. After a few weeks of “butting heads” with his coach, he finally decided to commit 100% to his agreements. 

On that same day, Izak experienced the best day he’s ever had. He closed 4 new clients and was paid for another 3 clients, resulting in a day unlike he’d ever experienced before. Following this day was the best month he’s ever had in his career (closing $40k). 

Izak realized that the best day he’s ever had aligned with the agreements inside of the program. He was able to experience and witness it for himself. 

From that day forward, Izak was all in.

In just 90 days, Izak upgraded his car from a 2007 Buick to a brand new BMW x3, earned a President’s Club Banker promotion at his job, lost 17 lbs of weight, and saved over $16,000 for investments.

Also, Izak bought gifts for his family and friends before savings, and he gave away his Buick to someone in need.

Izak accomplished every one of his goals with the Rob Collier Coaching program. He shares that his only regret is not having more “faith” upfront in the process and wishing he would have done the program “months sooner”.

Now, Izak is enjoying his life in a more structured way that allows him to maximize his time, knowing how to accomplish his goals, and he’s able to enjoy more free time.

What’s next for Izak is to find a unique way to grow his wealth and his personal portfolio so that he can contribute even more to his family’s future.

There's not a figure of speech I've ever heard that can really like sum it up the feeling that you get. It's kind of like witnessing a miracle, because a lot of the stuff, I still can't believe." Izak


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