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Over and over again we've seen the Rob Collier Coaching System transform our clients' businesses, careers and lives. These are their stories.  

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"It's unfathomable. It really is. There's not a figure of speech I've ever heard that can really like sum up the feeling that you get.

It's not really something that I've ever really fathomed me being in the position of trying to elaborate for somebody else because it really is remarkable.

It's remarkable by its very nature. It's like witnessing a miracle, man, because a lot of stuff I still can't believe..."

- Izak Yaldo, President's Club Banker, Quicken Loans (Detroit, MI)

"Really? 3 months to get to where I got?! Everybody needs to go through this.

There's not one ounce of anxiety left in me.

And trust me, I've dealt with anxiety for a long time...

I'm able to dissolve any type of resistance. I now remove all of the noise.

There's just nothing that stops me.

I want everybody around me to have this because, super honestly, if everyone had this, we would all be in a much better place."

- Charlotte Selles, Marketing Executive & Advisory Board Member, Hiatus Tequila (San Francisco, CA)

Meet Alina, Teacher of the Year

“You're teaching us so many powerful things and you're giving us the tools.

Even when we were going through something really deep, we kept our habits.
None of us, through the worst and the best, let those habits go.

Now, I've been thrust into more leadership roles.

Now, I can be a leader and it builds my energy."

- Alina R., Teacher of the Year (Houston, Texas)

Watch as these clients share their short stories.

"I wanted to see if having someone in my corner to hold me accountable would really help me to achieve the things I wanted to...

I'm getting up ready to take on anything that comes to me."

- Shibu I., Managing Partner, BleuSphere (Dallas, TX)

"HUGE gains I've had...

The morning routine has changed my life!

...So much healthier. So much more productive.

Feeling way more confident in my ability going forward, especially because I've got this extra support."

- Hannah G., Artist & Personal Trainer (Dunedin, New Zealand)

"He really helped me hit some big milestones.

And he also helped me clear a few mental blocks that really could've potentially hindered me, not only in business and my career but also in my personal life."

- Sietta M., Recruiter (Richmond, VA)

"So, here I was 8 months pregnant and I still hadn't finished my book...

Within the first 8 days of working together I had finished and submitted my book.

I had spent 8 months not being able to get it done...

As soon as I hired him, it helped me to get the job done."

- Chelsea C., Author (Austin, TX)

“This is the best investment I've ever made!

- Lanita L., Aspiring Coach and Speaker (Shreveport, LA)

“Check this out. The most money I've ever made from a client!

My first $20k month!

- Julian M., Business Owner and Wedding Videographer (Portland, OR)

“Majority of the stuff I'm doing, I contribute to you.

Because of the principles I am getting involved with now, I don't want to push anything back.
I want to go out and take what's mine! I don't want to hold off anymore, I've done that my whole life.

For me to realize that it's just these tiny little things in the morning right now... it's changed my whole day.

I have something every day to look forward to and that's success!"

- Trea F., CEO & Founder of Dank Spirits (Dallas, TX)


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